Trading groups or proprietary trading groups who wish to make automated trading part of their futures trading strategy can use Rosenthal Collins Group’s sophisticated suite of proprietary and third party tools to take their trading to the next level. As the markets continue to see extreme volatility, black box and grey box trading can provide exciting opportunities to compete in the global marketplace.

Algorithmic Trading Potential for Prop Groups

As well as offering the advantages of sheer speed that come with the elimination of human interaction in trade execution, black box and grey box trading allows you to create complex simulations using historical data and the ability to test your strategies.

At RCG's next-generation data center, located in the Chicago suburbs, we have co-located our servers with those of major exchanges. This provides RCG’s trading group customers with ultra-low latency data, as well as a secure and redundant technological infrastructure. The RCG FIX API connects customers to the world's major exchanges through a single interface, and we also partner a range of third party trading platforms, API feeds, and direct market access solutions.

Managing Risks in Black Box and Grey Box Applications

High speed or high frequency trading brings with it a special set of risks that must be effectively managed. These may include factors such as

  • Pre-trade controls
  • Application controls, such as position limits, "fat finger" precautions
  • Exchange Credit Controls
  • Fail-safe features
  • A "kill switch" function

Our service experts can help you choose your trading tools and strategies and can answer detailed questions.